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第 36 卷 第 2 期, pp.35-45  (2016) [ 11页 ]

铁电高分子PVDF 及其共聚物研究进展



2016/06/21 发布

铁电高分子PVDF 及其共聚物由于其表现出铁电性、压电性、热电性、电导性能以及光电性能等十分丰富的物理现象而受到国内外研究者的关注,并因其易弯曲、耐冲击、耐腐蚀、易加工、易集成等优点而被广泛应用于智能器件中。本文主要综述了PVDF 及其共聚物铁电性的物理基础,以及目前该材料在可穿戴器件、流体领域以及信息存储中的应用,最后总结了该材料在这三个领域中尚未解决的问题,并展望了其未来的发展趋势。
Ferroelectric Poly (vinylidene uoride), PVDF, and its copolymers have attracted great interests due to a variety of interesting physical phenomena such as ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, electric conductivity and photoelectricity, and have been widely applied in smart electronic devices because they are exible, durable, corrosion resisting, easy shaped and simple fabricated. In this paper, we briefly summarized the basic physics of ferroelectricity in PVDF and its copolymers, and introduced recent research progresses in the field of wearable devices, uidic devices and memory devices. Finally, some unsolved problems in these three fields are indicated and a few developing trends are prospected.

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关键词: 铁电高分子;PVDF 及其共聚物;有机压电材料;可穿戴器件
ferroelectric polymers; PVDF and its copolymers; organic piezoelectric materials; wearable devices