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第 36 卷 第 1 期, pp.21-33  (2016) [ 13页 ]





2016/06/16 发布

Graphene, a single atomic layer, is a kind of two-dimensional material, and it has aroused widespread concern. Graphene shows excellent physical and chemical properties because of its unique lattice structure. However, conduction band of graphene intersects with its valence band on the Dirac point, thus graphene exhibits a zero-band gap with linear band dispersion at the Fermi-level, limiting its application in nanoelectronic devices area. To solve the problem of the band gap of graphene, researchers have paid a tremendous effort. The way commonly used to introduce the band gap of graphene is quantum confinement, doping method, and twisted symmetry method. The ways introducing bandgap of graphene include electron limited in one-dimensional graphene nanoribbons, graphene conducted n-type or p-type doping and an applied electric field in the vertical direction in bilayer graphene to twist symmetry. Therefore, this article focuses on the preparation of graphene nanoribbons, graphene doping type, and introduction of how to twist symmetry in bilayer graphene.

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关键词: 石墨烯;带隙;调控;纳米带;掺杂;双层石墨烯
graphene; bandgap; modification; nanoribbons; doping; bilayer graphene