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第 35 卷 第 4 期, pp.145-176  (2015) [ 32页 ]

自旋电子学材料:Fe4N 薄膜及其异质结构


2016/06/16 发布

本文综述了在自旋电子学器件上具有潜在应用前景的钙钛矿结构的Fe4N 薄膜及其异质结构的研究成果和最新进展情况。文章从引言开始,接着介绍了钙钛矿结构Fe4N 的晶体结构和基本性质;之后对多晶Fe4N 薄膜、外延Fe4N 薄膜、Fe4N/CoN 双层膜、Fe4N/Alq3/Co 自旋阀、以Fe4N 为电极的隧道结的形貌、晶体结构、磁性、交换偏置、自旋相关的电输运特性和磁电阻效应进行了介绍;最后对Fe4N 材料的相关研究结果进行了简单的总结和展望。
A review on the state-of-arts of perovskite Fe4N thin films and heterostructures with promising appolication potentials in advanced spintronics is presented. the brief introduction is followed by a highlight of the crystal structures and physical properties of pervskite Fe4N, and then a comprehensive description on a series of topics on Fe4N, including the preparations of polycrys-talline Fe4N thin films, epitaxial Fe4N, Fe4N/CoN bilayers, and Fe4N /Alq3/Co spin-valves on one hand, and on the other hand the characterizations on morphology and microstructures, magnetic properties, exchange bias, spin-dependent electrical transport and magnetoresistance etc, of the tunneling junctions with the Fe4N electrodes. Finally, a short summary with updated perspectives on recent researches on Fe4N is given.

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中图分类号: O47
关键词: 自旋电子学;Fe4N 薄膜;自旋阀;隧道结;表面形貌;晶体结构;磁性质;电输运特性;磁电阻效应
Spintronics; Fe4N films; Spin vavle; Tunneling junction; Surface morphology; Lattic structure; Magnetic properties; Electronic transport properties; Magnetoresistancee