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第 35 卷 第 2 期, pp.51-73  (2015) [ 23页 ]


苏州大学物理与光电能源学部&苏州纳米科技协同创新中心, 苏州215006

苏州大学物理与光电能源学部&苏州纳米科技协同创新中心, 苏州215006

苏州大学物理与光电能源学部&苏州纳米科技协同创新中心, 苏州215006

2015/06/11 发布

Partially coherent beams have a series of unique advantages for many application potentials. The correlation functions of conventional partially coherent beams satisfy the Gaussian distributions. Recently, great deal of attention has been paid to partially coherent beams with non-conventional correlation functions, and substantial progress has been made. In this short review, we first outline the fundamental theories on constructing correlation functions of partially coherent beams, and
then present detailed description of recent progress in our group along this line. It is shown that partially coherent beams with special correlation functions may offer several extraordinary properties, such as self-focusing, lateral shift of the intensity maximum, self-splitting, and self-
shaping, while promising application potentials in free-space optical communications and particle trapping can be expected. It is suggested that correlation function modulation represents a novel approach to manipulate the characteristics of light beams.

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中图分类号: TN011
关键词: 部分相干激光束;空间关联结构;光束性质
partially coherent beams; correlation function; beam characteristics