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第 20 卷 第 3 期, pp.319-334  (2000) [ 16页 ]


向阳; 龚新高
中国科学院固体物理研究所 合肥 230031

2010/08/26 发布

本文介绍了推广模拟退火方法的基本思想及其统计基础。我们通过一系列标准函数测试了推广模拟退火方法的性能。作为该方法的应用 ,我们研究了Thomson问题和Ni团簇结构。最后 ,探讨了推广模拟退火方法的效率随体系复杂性的变化。
After briefly reviewed the basic idea of the generalized simulated annealing(GSA)method,we have explored its efficiency comparing to other well known methods.We find that GSA is more efficient than other simulating annealing methods.some results on the atomic structure of the cluster and the Thomson model will be also presented.

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中图分类号: O224 ;O411. 9
关键词: 最优化; 推广模拟退火算法; Thomson问题;
optimization; generalized simulated annealing method; Thomas mode;