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第 20 卷 第 3 期, pp.301-309  (2000) [ 9页 ]


王骏; 王炜
南京大学物理系固体微结构国家重点实验室 南京 210093

2010/08/26 发布

文中概要地描述了“蛋白质折叠”的问题及其统计研究方法 ,并针对根据氨基酸之间相互作用特性进行的氨基酸和蛋白质简化研究进行了较为细致的论述和讨论 ;并指出通过这样的分析 ,我们不仅可以对蛋白质具体的简化字母表示有一定的了解 ,而且对于我们进一步了解蛋白质序列 结构关系有很大的帮助。
The protein folding problem and the related statistical studies are described in this report. The simplification on the representation of proteins is discussed in details with the consideration on the characteristics of the interaction between amino acid residues. Through these analyses, we have not only some knowledge on the simplified palette of amino acids for natural proteins, but also some insights on the sequence?structure relationship related to protein folding problem.

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中图分类号: O4
关键词: 蛋白质折叠; 能量面; 简化表示; 失配度;
Protein folding; energy lands cape; Simplified representation; misma\;