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第 20 卷 第 3 期, pp.276-290  (2000) [ 15页 ]


宋斌; 曹培林
浙江大学物理系和硅国家重点实验室 杭州 310027

2010/08/26 发布

研究原子团簇的结构及其与之相关的物理和化学的性质是当前国际上一个活跃的研究前沿。全势能线性Muffin Tin轨道组合法是目前国际上最先进的第一性原理分子动力学方法之一。本文简要地阐述了全势能线性Muffin Tin轨道组合法的原理 ,以及本研究小组用此方法在半导体原子团簇结构研究中的部分结果。
The structure of clusters has been a subject of great interest for both experimental and theoretical studies. Full?potential linear?muffin?tin?orbital molecular?dynamics(FP?LMTO MD) method is an ideal tool to simulate dynamic process in clusters by first principle. In the pesent paper, the essential of full?potential linear?muffin?tin?orbital molecular?dynamics method is described. The structural results for semiconductor?element clusters studied by our group are presented.

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关键词: 全势能线性Muffin-Tin轨道组合分子动力学方法; 稳定结构; 半导体原子团族;
FP?LMTO MD method; stable structure; seminconductor?element cluste;