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第 15 卷 第 4 期, pp.424-450  (1995) [ 27页 ]


高汝伟; 董建敏; 姜寿亭; 李华
山东大学物理系 济南 250100

2010/08/26 发布

he investigations on the coercivity mechanism of Fe-based rare-earth permanentalloys are commented in this paper. Basing on the experiments and taking the structurefeature, the magnetic parameters and the defect models of the main magnetic phaseNd2Fe14B grains into cosideration,the different coercivity theories,such as the nucleatonmechanism, the pinnig mechanism, the starting field theory and the thermal activationtheory are introduced, respectively. The community and differentiation as well as thesuccesses and defects of the various theories are compared with each other. Some contro-versial questions and the emphases of further theoretical study are pointed out.

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