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第 8 卷 第 3 期, pp.257-276  (1988) [ 20页 ]


LBM T. J. Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights; New York; U. S. A

2010/08/23 发布

本文综述了半导体异质结构中的输运物质,包括电子在量子阱叠层中平行方向和穿过异质结构势垒时垂直方向上的传导。注意力集中于电子系统的能量量子化以及二维特性。专题的选择依据我们的物理兴趣和实验工作所达到的水平。这里采用已被广泛研究的Ga As—GaA/As异质结构作为说明。
Transpor p perties in semiconductor heterostructures are reviewed, iael ling electroa coiluction both in the parallel direction within the quantum well layers and in the perpendicular direction across the heter ostructure potential. The focus is on properties arising from the energy quantization and the resulting two-dimensionality of the electron system The selection of topics is based on the degree of physical interest and the level of experimental activities. The most extensively studied GaAs-GaAlAs hsterostructure is used for illustration.

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